Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Grandma Borland's Ironstone Pitcher

I bid on this beautiful ironstone pitcher at an auction
last week.  It's a nice one... no brown discoloration
or crazing. And surprisingly, no chips.....especially since
it was made around 1850!

Apparently, it originally belonged to Grandma Borland! 
My imagination always runs wild when I see these little
masking tape tags.  I can almost see Grandma as a young mom 
bringing this pitcher to the breakfast table, probably full of fresh milk
straight from the cows.  And I always wonder why it was
passed down several generations and then not wanted any longer!

Friends and Enemies

Mama Squirrel is still around.  She loves her sunflower seeds from 
the bird feeder and I put some unsalted peanuts out for her, too.

Tiger gets in the tree to catch her and I can't tell if they are
really enemies.  They come toward each other instead of chasing
and almost touch noses!

Shadow, on the other hand (oh, such an appropriate name!),
is much more sneaky about it all.  I know his intentions
all too well and they are not good!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Sunshine on raindrops created a curtain of
sparkling sequins for my kitchen window.